We are proud to say that our first event was a huge success. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for the incredible support and everyone who came out to Powers Brewery to help us conclude the Event. We were able to not only raise much needed funds but make great friends and contacts. 

Daren, our honored guest, was able to successfully harvest his very first Turkey on the first day of the Virginia Turkeys Season Opener. We met Daren through a close friend of mine in the VFW and Daren was suggested to us for this event for his amazing sacrifice he makes daily as a First Responder. Darens sacrifices and schedule prevents him to get out in the woods and harness the healing power that we here at FLO help provide to that of the lives we influence.  We were proud to have him and get to know him and his family. 

To prepare for this event to be successful the FLO crew worked tirelessly to set up the hunting areas, venue, and coordinate with sponsors to make sure Daren got the best experience possible. Thursday the crew arrived at Wess' house (Exec Chairman) and the collaboration began with an evening scout of the properties. After seeing the areas we created a plan to scout for roosted birds in the morning, on Friday. Friday morning was a success with successfully pinpointing 4 birds in the first property so we had great confidence in the ability to get Daren on a good Tom. Friday afternoon consisted of the crew and Daren to meet. We had a great time getting to know Daren and his family along with shooting and grouping the shotgun FLO provided to him for the hunt. During the pre hunt get-together we went over the game plan using On-X Hunt site to go over the property and where we will set up.

The FLO crew and Daren were set up on the pasture at 545 AM Saturday Morning and by 6AM we had three Toms Gobbling. We sat there anticipating where a Tom would come out and about 645 we spot two hens and a great Tom on the other side of a wooded finger about 100 yards away. The hens moved around the tip of the finger and moved into our field at 100 yards ahead of us and the Tom followed. As Steve (FLO Chairman) worked this Tom with incredible calling, this Tom spotted our decoys and made a straight line towards us. with in 10 minutes of seeing this Tom in our field we had him fighting our Jake Decoy, and he was tearing it up. Daren was ready and waiting for his shot and when it came he let the BB's fly. Unfortunately the Tom made a quick move to spur our decoy and the shot missed the head and hit the Toms chest shooting off 2/3s of the beard, Daren didn't hesitate and made an incredible second shot when the Tom ran to our left and slowed down near the Jake Fan. Daren had a smile from ear to ear and we were all incredibly proud of him, he had just got his first Turkey. The Tom weighed in at 22lbs, 9 1/2" Beard, and 1 1/4' spurs a very respectable first ever turkey. 

Our Event concluded on Sunday at Powers Brewery in Midland, VA. We presented Daren with gear from our sponsors (see pictures or go to our Facebook Page) and presented him the American Flag from Annin Flagmakers that we carried with us during our hunt, a tradition Military and first responders have carrying a flag with us during missions and patrols. We had a great time meeting new supporters and honoring our first ever guest for our programs to heal through the outdoors.