First Annual Purple Heart 3D Shoot Fundraiser

I have no idea where to start. This event was incredible and id like to thank everyone who participated and made this event possible. Legends Ranch of Michigan for the venue and amazing hospitality. ServPro of NE Grand Rapids for donating over 1200 dollars in giveaway gear and handing out much needed waters at the event. Johnsons Great Outdoors of Montegue, Michigan for our first place prize and amazing pricing on the gear for our raffles. WaterDog Outfitters for the Kayak we are currently running a raffle on to help raise money for the purpose of this event (read below). Trigger time outfitters for the womens/childrens class place prizes. And thank you to all the volunteers, this event truly wouldn’t have gone so flawlessly with out all your help.

Saturday June 15th 8am, shooters and non shooters alike flooded into the ranch gates and our event began. with in 2 hours we had 15 shooters on our 25 target course mixed with whitetail, bear, cougar, and hog/small game targets. We also had 3 novelty shoots people could try their skills on to win some awesome gear. By 12p we had 25 shooters on the course and by 3pm they had finished up and headed to the museum to look at 100s of incredible mounted animals from all over the world. On top of all that their entry tickets included a free lunch and some fishing on the property’s lake.

We were able to crown the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the mens class and women/children classes with the amazing gear that was donated and then raffle off all the amazing items we had. After everyone enjoyed the event and festivities folks filtered out. The after party and dinner was next for the folks who bought tickets and the folks who rented the incredible rooms in the lodge. We all enjoyed an incredible dinner made by the lodges chef and then enjoyed drinks and games in the museum and was able to end the night with a nice fire. The ones who rented a room also enjoyed an incredible breakfast the following morning.

We are blessed to be working with Legends Ranch and to have the opportunity to have this event there. This event was to raise money for FLO to sponsor a Purple Heart Veteran to attend our educational program and get a hunt of a lifetime at Legends Ranch. Thank you all again who attended, we can’t wait for next year.