FLO Weekend With Palisades Bowhunting of Kentucky

Well, after almost a year we are finally putting up a blog post from our FLO weekend with Palisades Bowhunting of Kentucky. Sorry for the tardiness.

We arrived in camp 30 October for a 5 day camp with an incredible Whitetail Outfitter in Kentucky, Palisades Bowhunting. We were welcomed with some great gear and an introduction of the property right away. As we got the lay of the land I knew it was going to be an epic week of hunting. We had two deserving veterans in camp and a raffle winner from the raffle we ran for 3 months prior to the hunt to help us be able to support the veterans in camp.

After the intros and getting familiar with the land we headed back to the lodge for some drinks and food along with some more “lay of the land'“ talk using OnX Maps, going over stands we will be sitting in. Once we figured out who was sitting where we were beyond excited for the first hunt the next morning.

Day 1 everyone seen deer with one hunter getting with in 80 yards of a great 160” Buck but he was locked on a doe and wasn’t leaving her. Although everyone seen deer an arrow was not loosed. Day 2 and 3 was about the same getting some decent bucks coming with in range but with Palisades 130” rule we had to let them live to grow up next year. Day 4 was great, seeing some great deer and they were definitely responding to some rattling and grunting, bringing in 3 bucks right to the foot of the tree but they needed another year or so. Palisades manages their farms with extreme care. The deer here are so unpressured it was a breath of fresh air being able to watch these deer act extremely naturally.

Evening of Day 5 our raffle winner arrowed an incredible 133” buck around 3pm. The shot was a bit high and although he had to leave that evening to head back to his 9-5 we were able to recover the buck on day 6 and get his cape and meat to him shortly after the trip. One of our Veteran guest was able to arrow a nice doe for some meat and our other veteran had to leave empty handed but not with out her first experience of seeing a trophy whitetail just outside of her shooting range, an experience she will not soon forget.

We are honored to be partnered with Palisades Bowhunting and we can not wait for 2019 FLO weekend with them. Stay tuned, I promise i wont wait 9 months to blog about our events again.